Warriors Talk, Inc. was created in October 2014

by Lady Reshelle. She began using her testimony

to encourage, educate, and empower individuals.

She continues to do this through the Warriors Talk

platform, where she promotes taking action for a

healthier lifestyle before, during, and

after a cancer diagnosis




Reshelle Matheny is the Founder of Warriors Talk, Inc. NFP Est. 2014. As a Cancer Ambassador, she educates the community on the importance of cancer risks, early detection, and knowing your family history. She currently hosts a weekly radio show ‘Warriors Talk' that empowers individuals into action for a healthier lifestyle before, during, and after a cancer diagnosis.


Warriors Talk, Inc. hosts an annual “Survivors Night of Reflection Gala” that honors survivors and Warriors in battle. “Battle Buddy Sacs” are also donated to cancer treatment centers for those fighting cancer.

Currently, she volunteers as an Education Ambassador for Bright Pink. The mission is to save the lives of women from breast and ovarian cancer by empowering women to live proactively at a young age.


She was selected and currently serves as a Ford Warrior in Pink Model of Courage. The mission is to provide cancer patients with more good days.

Additionally, she serves as a Community Volunteer with the American Cancer Society where she educates the community and supports the needs of cancer patients.


Here are some of Reshelle’s accomplishments:

Serves as the Outreach Coordinator at Emanuel Church of God In Christ on the Westside of Chicago.

  • Speaker

  • Emcee

  • Facilitator of workshops for community events

Co-Author of the book anthology “You Are Unstoppable Moving from Past to Purpose,” released in the spring of 2018.

Curator and Coach for the Book Anthology “When Warriors Talk, God Listens,” released in the fall of 2019.


Recipient of the D.A. Reed Sr. District 2019 Hidden Figure Award.  


Recipient of 2019 Keeps the Faith to Survive Five Star-Survivor Award.


Recipient of the PBW 2019 Phenomenal Women in Community Service.


Recipient of the Pink Meets Purple 2019 Empower Award.               


In her free time, she enjoys writing poetry as well as performing spoken word. She also spends time with her children taking in all the beautiful Chicago attractions.


For more information on having Reshelle as a speaker or workshop facilitator at your next event, please connect with her:


Committed to the Cause


Annie Owens

Board Member

A two time breast cancer survivor that has remained calm in the face of adversity.  She is currently using her journey to share her knowledge, time and wisdom with all those touched by cancer.  God is using her life as a testimony of faith, endurance and courage to minister to those in battle.  God has favored, preserved and restored her for his glory.  A Missionary on a mission to spread the word about God's amazing healing power.


Valorie Wright

Board Member

She joined WARRIORS TALK with the vision and drive to improve upon our Non-Profit Organization, and focused on developing the organization with experience and integrity. A heart for individuals touched by cancer while seeking to empower action.


Paula Kelly

Board Member

A breast cancer survivor with a heart for empowering, educating and inspiring those touched by cancer. She is experienced, trustworthy and passionate as she continuously seeks to meet the needs of those before, during and after a cancer diagnosis.


Rizal Gilmore

Board Member

A co-survivor that is committed to the war on cancer. Selfishly giving himself to improve the physical, emotional and spiritual wellness of those dealing with cancer by touching one person at a time.