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The purpose of our Warrior in Battle Fund is to help bridge the gap financially for Warriors that are actively fighting cancer.


Warrior In Battle 2022 Recipient 
Sabrina White

"Sabrina has encountered so many obstacles on this last journey. She has endured targeted radiation to her head as the cancer has spread to her brain. Her lungs have been repeatedly attacked by this awful disease. And in July of this year, Sabrina coded for 8 minutes while hospitalized for issues with her lungs. She was on life support for three days. I personally witnessed her being extubated, and after her daughter's were told to prepare her death, Sabrina sat up and asked for her girls. The Warrior in her prevailed.”



Donna Crawford

“She is strong and determined to live. Once the Doctors Had given up on her and said that they had done all that they could do and she was placed in hospice, But God. She is still here with us. Her diagnosis was Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Everyday, every month, every year she has been faced with challenges. In and out of the hospital for one thing or another, but she never complains. Living with metastatic breast cancer is a daily task but Donna keeps push through each day. She is truly a warrior. “


Survivors Night of Reflection Gala

On October 23rd of 2021, Warriors Talk Inc. celebrated its fifth annual Survivors Night of Reflection Gala. This event allows survivors to reflect on their journey, express their gratitude for life, and share their wisdom after conquering cancer. The gala is not only for survivors but for those Warriors who are currently in battle as well. Funds raised go to the Warriors In The Battle Fund. The purpose of the fund is to provide financial assistance to individuals who are fighting cancer, so that they can concentrate on the fighting and healing process.


2021 Warrior In Battle Recipient

"It's the God in me!!! Thank you Father for Lady Reshell and Warrior Talk Radio...Its such an honor to be recognized and know I am making positive impacts in people's Lives...Such a Blessing!!!"

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