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Warriors Talk, Inc Publishing

Summary and Outline of Warriors Talk, Inc. Publishing Services

1. Introduction

  • Warriors Talk Publishing, is a publishing company founded in 2019 with a focus on empowering individuals facing cancer and promoting overall health and wellness.

2. Books Published to Date

  • "When Warriors Talk, Miracles Happen" (2020)

    • Description: This book highlights inspiring stories of individuals overcoming cancer and experiencing miracles.

  • "Take Charge of Cancer" (2021)

    • Description: A practical guide empowering readers to take control of their cancer journey.

  • "Vision of Happiness: Book of Poems" (2020)

    • Description: A collection of uplifting poems promoting hope and happiness.

  • "When Warriors Talk, God Listens" (2019)

    • Description: Explores the role of faith and spirituality in overcoming cancer and adversity.

3. Services Offered

  • Educational Platform: Provides resources and information to support individuals before, during, and after a cancer diagnosis.

  • Publishing Services: Assists authors in publishing books related to cancer, health, wellness, and personal growth.

  • Community Engagement: Facilitates events and discussions to build a supportive community for those affected by cancer.

4. Future Direction

  • Continuation of publishing inspirational books and expanding educational efforts to reach a broader audience.

Warriors Talk, Inc. is dedicated to fostering hope, faith, and empowerment among individuals facing cancer, offering valuable resources through publishing and community engagement.


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