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Take Charge of Cancer

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Take Charge of Cancer was created with you in mind with hopes of empowering the Warrior within you to take action. Cancer is currently an epidemic wreaking havoc throughout the world on so many innocent souls. Many of us have watched our strong and vibrant, loved ones' health and spirit broken because of a cancer diagnosis. Many died trying to figure out why cancer invaded their body and lives. Some never embrace their “New Normal.” Merely existing and afraid to enjoy their new-found second chance at living because they are afraid that the monster will come lurking around the corner a second or third time.

Take your power back! Take control! Get in the ring, be the one who calls the plays. Don’t allow cancer to dictate how you will live your life during and after a cancer diagnosis. I’m not saying that this process will be a walk in the park but don’t make it easy for cancer because cancer definitely will not take it easy on you. Don’t live in fear. Don’t allow this disease to cripple you. TAKE CHARGE OF CANCER, enjoying life and all that God has planned for you.


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