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Visions of Happiness

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Visions of Happiness is a book of poems that takes you on life transformations from pleasure and pain to purpose. This journey has allowed me to take on life’s trials, tribulations and celebrations, and transform them into visions with purpose. As the reader, you will be able to travel back in time and venture off into this turbulent journey of happiness.

The visions will connect you to your own reality of highs, lows, love, faith and disappointments — experiencing life-altering events that keep you in a never-ending loop and spiral you out into a world of new beginnings.

Being able to see myself outside of myself has allowed me to move forward in a way that pushes me to live on purpose with purpose.

I am not only a better person because of my storms and struggles; I am living in the moment and I am no longer haunted by my past hurts, disappointments and ill-decision making. I encourage everyone reading this book of poems to find your own kind of happiness. Never let what’s going on in other people’s lives or around you to tap into your visions of happiness.


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